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You searched UBD Library - Title: Fluvial forms and processes : a new perspective / David Knighton.
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1   Fluvial forms and processes : a new perspective / David Knighton.
2   Fluvial geomorphology : a proceedings volume of the Fourth Annual Geomorphology Symposia series held at Binghamton, New York, September 27-28, 1973 / edited by Marie Morisawa.
1   Fluvial hydraulics [electronic resource] / S. Lawrence Dingman.
1   Fluvial hydrosystems / edited by G.E. Petts and C. Amoros.
1   Fluvial processes in geomorphology / Luna B. Leopold, M. Gordon Wolman, John P. Miller.
1   Fluvial sandstone characterization from well Plamuk 3, 4 and 5 in Pattani Basin, using a combination of petrographic and wireline data / Uphasinee Chantihanaphalin.
1   Fluvial sedimentology VI / edited by N.D. Smith and J. Rogers.
1   The fluvial system / Stanley A. Schumm.
1   Flux control in biological systems : from enzymes to
1   Flux-Corrected Transport [electronic resource] : Principles, Algorithms, and Applications / edited by Dmitri Kuzmin, Rainald Löhner, Stefan Turek.

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